Victoria Talent School/Academy is a premier education and talent institution set to be built in the outskirts of Kisumu City, 5 minutes drive from Kisumu International Airport.

MAJOR AIMS: To offer education scholarships to the less fortunate and orphaned children, Nurture and expose diverse talents of the less fortunate and orphaned children.

TARGET/ BENEFICIARIES: The institution target to support a total of more than 2000 children/youths yearly from the ages of 5 years to 18 years.

EDUCATION SYSTEMS: The institution offer 8-4-4 education system to the less fortunate kids it is supporting.

WHAT IS THE ISSUE, PROBLEM OR CHALLENGE: In adequate learning facilities in slums contribute to low school enrollment and low literacy levels among poor slums dwellers in Kisumu, Kenya. Out of school, girls fall victims to early marriage, rape, risk of having HIV/AIDS while boys get involve in drug abuse, robbery, risk of having HIV/AIDS and other social vices. While expanding learning facilities, tennis talent of slum children shall be nurtured and exposed as they will at the same time exploit their academic potential.

Even though the Government introduced free and compulsory Primary education eight years ago, this has not effectively addressed the plight of the poor children in the slums as other basic learning materials are also needed to facilitate this program. Many orphans in the slums can not afford school uniforms, shoes, school bags and supplementary reading material which are required in schools. More so the biting hunger in the slums is also contributing to high school dropout because no child can attend school on an empty stomach. VICTORIA TALENT SCHOOL has been in the forefront in addressing many of the above problems, the project currently works with orphans and vulnerable children in Kisumu.

HOW WILL THIS PROJECT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM: We are constructing talent and education school to provide adequate facilities for more than 2000 poor slum children to learn and nurture their talent in. The new school will reduce inadequate learning and tennis facilities which shall provide additional resources such as desks and teaching materials to facilitate improved education for poor slum children in Kisumu. Tennis talented players, will get opportunity to earn scholarships in secondary colleges both locally and internationally.


POTENTIAL LONG TERM IMPACT: This school will enable more than 2000 students every year to access education and tennis training enabling them to tap into their full potential, rise out of poverty and improve living standards for their families.


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